Razer PIN 50 (prev. MOLpoints) ePin

Razer PIN 50 (prev. MOLpoints) ePin


Product Description

razer pin 50 (previously MOLpoints) epin

price/Php 50.00
Razer Gold is the unified virtual credits for gamers. Pay securely across an increasing number of games and platforms that accept Razer Gold. Razer Gold brings more value to your gaming with exclusive discounts, promotions, and rewards unlike any other virtual credits.

Razer and MOL Global have combined forces to bring you better game content and a better gaming experience. With a unified Razer Gold platform, you get to access virtual credits from over 1 million online and offline channels, plus get more back on your purchases with Razer Silver rewards.

Sign Up or Upgrade to Razer Gold: go to https://gold.razer.com/upgrade.

How to reload with Razer Gold PIN
1. Log on to https://gold.razer.com/
2. Click GOLD on the menu bar, then select Reload Now
3. Select a Payment Method >> RAZER Gold PIN
4. Enter your voucher code (PIN) then click Next.
5. A One-Time Passcode will be sent to your mobile device. (Please enter the code within 2 minutes).
6. Reload Successful! Check you Razer Gold Balance on your account.

Watch video tutorial:

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